Our Founder

AIDS United recognizes Brenda Flowers with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – AIDS United Award for Health Equity


Brenda Flowers-Dalley, Founder and CEO of Rising Against All Odds, Inc. (RAAO) is a community based organization headquartered in DeLand, Florida. A loving wife, mother and Lay Servant in her church, St. Joseph United Methodist Church, DeLand, Florida.

A word from Brenda…

“My life has been ever changed in overcoming social degradation and humiliation of jails, institutions and death along with the stigma of being HIV positive. I have been living with HIV for over 25 years. Despite everything, I have been afforded grace to Rise Against All Odds. I am Brenda Flowers-Dalley, the Founder of Rising against All Odds, a community focused organization right here in Deland, FL. I hold heartfelt commitments to justice, equal access and equity in health, health care, education, employment, income, housing, and overall in everyday matters that just make life better.”

 A veteran of the United States Army that has worked in serving other veterans in a full-time position with the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs for over for 14 years, Brenda has dedicated her life to serving the community.

  • Health Chair of the West Volusia Branch of the NAACP
  • Member, Daughters of Change
  • Member, Positive Champion Speakers Bureau
  • Member of Springhill Neighborhood Association 
  • Graduate of Department of Veteran Affairs “Pride” Leadership Program, “I CARE”


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