What We Do

Rising Against All Odds provides free and confidential HIV testing and counseling. We support health in communities and extend comprehensive NON-CLINICAL case -management services to all in our community in need. We provide Peer Advocates, Consulting, and Public Forums dedicated to the elimination of HIV one person-one community at a time. Providing HIV awareness, prevention education and encouragement for medication adherence will promote responsible living.

Personal and Inspiring support is readily available for you or someone you know who is HIV-positive. We work selflessly to help you face and overcome challenges and barriers.  Expect to be encouraged as you are informed. Memorable educational experiences are provided in diverse social settings to appeal to all social and economic patrons.

It is our pleasure to apply our extensive experiences to help you in medication adherence and observance of methods to promote your well-being. We add a continuum of support, love, and service and give vision to rise above any situation. Support Groups are available.   We educate the community.  We are available to participate in your educational trainings and other community health forums.  We educate our communities on Stigmas and Social and economic adversities and provide HIV testing and counseling.


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